Real Eyes Realize Real Lies
There’s always a (truth) behind (just kidding) a little (emotion) behind (I don’t care) a little (pain) behind (it’s okie) a little (I need u) behind (leave me alone) and a lot of (words) behind (the silence) ✨
"That hot Volkswagen" #PinkVolkswagen #QuoteOnQuote  😐😋😷😶😲
Balloon, Tulips, Chocolate, Mini Panda, A singing card !!!!! I feel so loved today ❤️ THANK U MOMMY 😊😍😘
Most of my selfies #Goingout 
This is who I am …. No one said u had to like it
When words fall …. Music speaks 🎶
Giving up doesn’t mean ur weak…. 
It means u were strong enough to let go ✨
Live and Learn ☺️

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